About me

My research interests include:

1. Quantum algorithms.

Quantum algorithms

Bender2k14 [CC BY-SA 4.0],[via Wikimedia Commons]

Interested in theoretical limits of quantum computers, development of quantum algorithms and using existing quantum algorithms to solve domain-specific problems. Recipient of the Unitary Fund grant to implement the Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm in Q# in a hybrid approach with a classical optimizer. Currently exploring applications of quantum computers in autonomous driving.

2. Quantum entanglement.

Quantum entanglement


Interested in fundamental properties of quantum entanglement as well as entanglement as a resource in communication scenarios. My Master’s thesis considered the embezzlement of entanglement and contributed a noisy version of this protocol and applications to the dilution of entanglement - a fundamental protocol in entanglement theory.

3. Quantum communication.

Quantum communication

Image credit: D. Leung, W. Matthews [Arxiv link]

Interested in fundamental limits of quantum transmission, especially capacities of quantum channels, and non-classical phenomena that emerge in this setting, e.g. superactivation of quantum channel capacities. In my Bachelor’s thesis, I contributed new insights on the problem of determining the assisted quantum capacity of the quantum depolarizing channel.

4. Optimization theory and applications.


Interested in formulating various problems as optimization tasks and using optimization theory to reason about them. In my theses, I used linear optimization in the context of embezzlement of entanglement and semidefinite and linear optimization in the context of the capacity of the quantum depolarizing channel.